TUCRIN is Turkish Clinical Research Infrastructures Network, founded under Rectorate of Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir. TUCRIN is a partner of ECRIN, a European Union Seventh Framework Programme project.

TUCRIN is planned to consist of clinical trial centres and clinical reserach units, spread across Turkey. Each TUCRIN member is supposed to locally support investigators, sponsored by public funds or industry, in conducting and coordinating clinical trials and to provide consult and training.

TUCRIN has been founded to improve the quality of clinical research conducted in Turkey and the safety of participants.



ECRIN Summer School 2013 – Turkey

ECRIN Summer School 2013 will be held in Turkey in October 2013. The summer school provides face-to-face meetings and trainings...

ecrin wp7 call 2012 eng correction

ECRIN Clinical Research Supporting Call - Correction ECRIN announces a supporting call for multinational clinical trials on rare diseases, medical devices,...

wma doh 2012 eng

Expert Conference on the Revision of the Declaration of Helsinki The conference is organized by World Medical Association between 5-7...

imi 2012 7th call

Innovative Medicines Initiative 7th Call 2012 Click for the link

medical device manufacturing turkey 2012 eng

Conference: Medical Device Manufacturing Turkey The conference will be held in Istanbul, Turkey between October 3-4, 2012. Click for the details

vscr 2013 programme

Vienna School of Clinical Research Course Programme 2013 Read the programme here
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